In the summer of 1951...

Briggs Cunningham rolled onto the Circuit de la Sarthe in his stark white C2R race car emblazoned with two dark blue stripes down the center. His concept was simple, the stripes would distinguish Cunningham’s cars from the rest of field making them easier to identify throughout the race. Little did he know that those two stripes would forever change the look of motor racing.

Introducing STRIIPE, the World’s first high performance driving sock with color and graphics inspired by the art, community and heritage of motorsport.

Made in the USA and crafted utilizing the finest, high performance, recycled fiber yarns. Like the machines that inspire us, our socks are designed with function first. Durable, thin and light, breathable and supportive with just a touch of compression to keep your feet performing at their best

Rich in saturated color and fine detail we capture the essence of motorsport that you can wear every day.