A Gathering of the Tribe – Canepa Cars & Coffee 4/14/18

The 2018 Norcal car scene kicked off in grand fashion this morning at Canepa Cars and Coffee in Scotts Valley, Ca. The Striipe HQ is located about 20 minutes from Canepa so we were fortunate to get to go check it out.

The first show of the season, the perfect weather and the fact that Canepa is only going to host three events this year brought out a massive crowd. Possibly the biggest crowd that I can remember. The doors were open and the coffee was flowing so let’s get into it!


Front and center was Christopher Pagani, Horacio’s Pagani’s son. He had organized some sort of Huayra fest. Chris drove what is likely the only Huayra Aperta in the country. It’s finished in a bright blue metallic over a cream interior. It’s way over the top for my taste but you’ve got appreciate the craftsmanship, attention to detail and artistry that goes into these creations. In addition to the open top Huayra, there was a deep red tinted carbon coupe and by comparison a rather understated silver coupe owned by Santa Cruz car collector Ziggy. Parked next to his silver Huayra was my favorite from his collection – a mid 60’s 275GTB shortnose finished in a light aqua blue metallic over red interior. Crowds of supercar fanboys were relentless over at Pagani island all morning.  

After grabbing a cup of coffee, we made our way around the back and picked out a few highlights. @leftcoasterik ‘s brown outlaw 911 really stands out. The interior is spot on, the gold finish on the wheels, the ducktail and perforated grill all add to the unique style. Looking forward to seeing a photoshoot with the 911 and Erik sporting his brown houndstooth or brown pasha Striipe socks!

Owner: @leftcoasterik

Owner: @leftcoasterik

We continued our way around the back and ran into to numerous friends. Great to catch up with everyone and tell a few stories. High fives all around! 

Another highlight was a clean looking Mk1 GTI updated with Euro bumpers and plaid interior. Although I prefer the US spec dark blue and red striped sport seats, which inspired the STRIIPE MK1 GTI sock design, this is obviously a well-loved and very tasteful example.


It was kind of funny to see the impromptu used car lot that was happening at the very back. Not your typical used cars though - @jbernbau has his 2-time, Coastal Range Rally surviving Lava Orange 991 GT3RS for sale. Loved that “bought it at Ace Hardware” for sale sign! Ha! Next to him was a late model Vette – maybe a ZR1 that was also for sale.

Owner: @jbernbau

Owner: @jbernbau

Canepa Cars and Coffee is a world class venue and the hosts are so gracious as they completely open up their facility. Amazingness everywhere you look! For sure one of the defining moments of the morning was hearing the Cizeta Moroder V16T fire up. They’ve been working on it for a couple of years now but they must be getting close to finishing as the rare supercar has even been seen out in the wild in Santa Cruz – I think last spotted at a CVS drugstore… Talk about juxtaposition! I’m a huge fan of the design work of Marcelo Gandini but I gotta be honest, while I appreciate the “radwoodness” of the Cizeta, pretty and elegant she ain’t! 


One of Striipe’s earliest customer’s, @crocgt4 screwed up when entering the mailing address for his order of socks and after a week of chasing the packages around the USPS system I finally received them back at the STRIIPE HQ yesterday. Croc took advantage of my - not advertised – local delivery service and was stoked to finally receive his goods. Hand delivered in the presence of a 1987 Ruf CTR yellowbird and a factory 935K race car! 

Sock Owner: @crocgt4

Sock Owner: @crocgt4

Canepa has a long history with Porsche and although they service almost every type of classic/exotic, the list of cool Porsches that are inside the workshop is completely mind blowing. 2 RUF CTRs! 959s galore! 934.5, 917, 935K, 964 RS! 2.7RS etc. etc. not to mention the swb 911R in showroom. It’s a bit overwhelming. 


On my way out the workshop I ran into a couple of Striipe sock wearing amigos so we stopped to document the first sightings of the new socks out in the wild!


So, obviously an awesome morning spent with cool cars and great people but what was best in show? Earlier this morning I was cruising the ‘gram and saw a post from @dtamscott saying that he was going to be bringing his family’s Lamborghini Miura S. Apparently the car is in the final stages of a complete restoration and has not been driven in the better part of 40 years. I saw Derek just as he emerged from the car and I think it must have been quite a religious experience for him. The car is finished in a classic Giallo Miura on silver Campagnolo wheels. The interior however was a sophisticated grey/blue that seriously took my breath away. Absolutely stunning. So stoked to get to experience this. Can’t imagine what Derek is feeling now after literally waiting his whole life to drive it. Chapeau! If the Cizeta is at south end of Gandini’s portfolio, the Miura is at the frickin’ North Pole! One of my all time favs.

Owner: @dtamscott

Owner: @dtamscott

That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for more from the Norcal car culture mecca that is Santa Cruz.


- E

Ezra Shaffer