STRIIPE and SHARK WERKS Pair Up to Sharkify Your Sock Drawer

Shark Werks GT2

Shark Werks GT2

Striipe Design, makers of your favorite automotive-inspired driving sock, have teamed with Porsche aftermarket performance house Shark Werks for a trio of new ‘sharkified’ designs that are sure to delight. With two different designs inspired by iconic Shark Werks project cars, and a third influenced by the shop’s pro-manual transmission sensibilities, there is a unique design to fire up your passions.  

"We are gob-smacked to be partnering with our local chums at Striipe Design on these fancy performance driving socks inspired by our favorite Shark Werks project cars. Put them on your feet and drive!" - Alex ‘Sharky’ Ross


1. Shark Werks GT3RS  - Inspired by perhaps the most notorious 997 GT3 RS, Shark Werks’ 4.1-liter project car, this evocative sock design features the car’s signature orange over blue color scheme. Beginning at the heel of the sock and winding its way up each side of your achilles are the car’s a checkered flag motif as installed from the Porsche factory. Across the shin of the sock is the custom stylized 4.1 emblem.


2. Shark Werks GT2  - With evocative paintwork straight from the mind of Porsche fanatic Magnus Walker, the orange/grey/white of the Shark Werks 997 GT2 is a thing you won’t soon forget once you’ve seen it. With grey stripes running down the front to an orange toe, representing the car’s front bumper, this look will make for an interesting conversation starter. The heel, also orange to represent the rear bumper, runs up to Mr. Walker’s signature Union Jack motif, as seen on the car’s wing end plates.


3. Shark Werks #PDKREXIT - The simplest of the three designs is reserved for the hashtag activism the Shark crew have been championing in recent years, #PDKREXIT. With the tag shown prominently on the rear of each foot, you can wear your love of manually-shifted transmissions proudly. With the Shark Werks fin logo on the front for good measure, and a red-over-black throwback look, you’ll be ready to RUN in no time at all.

All three of these new designs are in stock and ready to ship to customers today. To order yours, visit our Collaborations page or by going to

About Shark Werks

Established in 2005, Shark Werks is NorCal’s premier Porsche performance provider operated by Porsche enthusiasts for Porsche enthusiasts. Whether crafting their own in-house components packages to make your aircooled or watercooled Porsche truly sing, or installing your own ideal combination of aftermarket bits, Shark Werks can give your Porsche the kick it needs to keep you smiling every time you twist that key.  With personable and knowledgeable staff, the team at Shark Werks can work with you to help you extract the most from your driving experience.

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